Charlotte & Charlie | Mt. Tam & Stinson Beach Engagement

We had a beautiful golden afternoon for Charlotte and Charlie’s winter engagement sesh. This adventurous, sweet couple knew they wanted a mix of forest and beach for their session. We started on the top of Mt. Tam at the Rock Springs Trailhead. This has continually been a favorite spot of mine as there is easy parking and a variety of backdrops in just a few yards from one another. My goal with all my engagements is to play around with location and light. Even if we only spend 5 minutes in one spot, that is oftentimes enough to capture the vibe of the setting. I am so thankful to continually work with open, trusting, and fun couples! We hopped in our cars and made our trek down to Stinson Beach. As we were driving the open roads alongside the hills of Mt. Tam, we came across a few pullouts right where paragliders often take off from. I shouted at Alex to pull over so we could take advantage of this spectacular spot. Charlotte and Charlie were totally on board and so grateful we made the call to stop. We finally made it to the beach just about 20 minutes before the sunset into the ocean. One thing I have always loved about Stinson Beach is its unique weather system. The geographic location seems to always provide a shade from the wind. The last few times I have explored this area, we got a mix of striking golden sun and soft, post-rain clouds which cast the prettiest pink hue on the sand and sky. Afterward we all decided to drive into Mill Valley for dinner together at BooKoo. It was the perfect end to a beautiful afternoon!